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(Last updated: September 07, 2005)


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 PS2 Burnout Revenge Cheats B

Burnout Revenge Game Name: Burnout Revenge PS2 Cheats
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Rating: ? (Suitable for persons age ? or older)

Special Cars

Do or have the following to get these cars

Logitech World Racer Complete Rank 10 GP Race
Revenge Racer Finish the Game 100%
Nixon Special Complete Eastern Bay Challenge Sheet
Hot Rod Complete Lone Peak Challenge Sheet
Custom Classic Complete Sunshine Keys Challenge Sheet
EA GT Racer Complete Central Route Challenge Sheet
Criterion GT Racer Complete White Mountain Challenge Sheet
Euro Classic LM Complete Eternal City Challenge Sheet
Low Rider Complete Angel Valley Challenge Sheet
Etnies Racer Complete Motor City Challenge Sheet
Black Elite Racer Get Elite Rank 11
Madden Challenge Bus Game Detects Madden NFL 06 Game Save
Dominator Assassin Have a Burnout 3 savefile on your memory card, this car will be unlocked when you load up the game for the first time, after you create a profile.


Super-fast Crashbreaker in Crash Mode

If you want to quickly do a crashbreaker on cars with a force 10 crashbreaker like the food mobile, hold down the Impact Time button before your crashbreaker meter goes to 100%. When the bar's full, it'll go back down a lot slower than normal, and you can shell out a crashbreaker in about half a second


Other Crash Junction FAQ by YuGiOhFm2002 69K

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