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 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Cheats T

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Game Name: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Publisher: UBI Soft
Rating: Teen (Suitable for persons age 13 or older)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Preview Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Preview Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Preview
Splinter Cell - Pandora Tommorow Guide/Walkthrough

Hint: [Submitted by: Dustin Comstock]
In all levels, if you have run out of ammo or anything to shoot the guards with, whistle or throw a nearby object to get their attention. Make sure if you throw an object it is where you want them to go so you have an easy route to get behind them.You can either grab them with the x button or elbow them once behind. Be sure to hide the body in a dark place, the bodys will be found, and the alarms will set off.

Train Mission
When you climb out from traveling under the train, you end up in a small control room which has a flashing panel of lights that says to unlock the side doors when you get close to it. Activate it but do not go back to the previous room and use the side doors to try and travel around the train to the next car. The only way is to turn the lights off and quickly go to the set of seats behind the nearest civilian. Wait until he gets up to go turn the lights back on, then quickly and quietly weave in and out of the lights, staying in the shadows until you get to the next car. If you alert anyone, you blew it. Once in the next car, wait until lambert stops talking, then wait until you hear a train employee talking to a passenger, once they stop talking wait 5 seconds and proceed slowly to the next car. The first door on the right contains a passenger and the only way to get past and not alert anyone is to get your back against the wall and do the SWAT move across the doorway. This move comes in handy quite a bit so don't forget its there. The man you're looking for is two doors down from the one you just passed.


Helpful Hint
When you find the biological substance in the underground, Lambert tells you that the girl gone bad is a very good shot and must be eliminated. This proves to be true. Once you exit the elevator run immediately to the left wall until you run into a part of the wall that juts out, safely protecting you from the two snipers. If you peek out of this wall just enough to get a shot, the snipers wont notice you at all and wont shoot. Take them out while taking your time. Don't run into the middle of the yard once you kill them both, though. There is still is one more sniper to the far left of where the first two originally were. Use the same corner method of barely peeking out to take this one down too. He gave me a lot of trouble.

Paris - Nice level

When you get to the area where the conductor is talking about some earplugs wait for him to go to the toilet, use the swat tactic to get past the door, and use the optic cable and thermal vision to search in all the cabins. Soth is the guy with a right leg that's not warm.

Also: on the same level, when you get to the end and they say "its you or them" run forward up the ladder and onto the roof. when you get there roll the whole way to the end of the train and jump onto the rope.

Easy Knockouts
1) Shoot a sticky camera at a guards head when out of ammo.
2) Throw a glass bottle at their head.
3) Hit them twice before they can pull out their gun.
4) Hit them on the back of the head with your fist.
5) Sticky shockers and other special weapons.

Human shield
If you haven't already figured it out you can grab guards and use them as a human shield by pressing x this will also hold your gun out so you can shoot at enemies

Helpful things
1.While up against a wall and peeking around a corner, press x to draw your pistol to shoot around corners.

2.When crouching, run as fast as you ca and press B to do a commando roll (it is a good idea to commando roll passed small spots of light with guards around to remain undetected).

3.while your pistol is drawn, press up, down or left trigger to use the laser on it (helpful for shooting guards in the back of the head) if you try to use it while two guards are talking the other guard will see it and attack you.

4.use the optic cable at all doors to make sure that u wont be detected.

Tips & Tricks

Motion detectors, cameras, wall mines and some other things cannot detect slow movement.

Don't step no broken glass from lights that have been shot out or broken windows because guards can hear the crunching of the glass.

When using the SK20 when zoomed use the left trigger to hold your breath to keep a steady aim but it cant be held for long.

When in a foggy area use the thermal vision to see past the fog and be aware of enemies

When there is an auto turret there is usually a guard nearby, so disable the FFI on it and whistle to get him shot

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