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 PS2 Worms Forts Under Siege Cheats W

Worms Forts Under Siege Game Name: Worms Forts Under Siege ps2 cheats
Publisher: Sega of America, Inc.
Rating: Teeb (Suitable for persons age 13 or older)

Unlock All Maps

All of these are unlocked by getting a gold on missions, some may be unlocked by getting silver or lower.

Unlockable: Condition:
Under Construction beat mission 3
Monkey Troop beat mission 5
Construction Junction beat mission 6
Check Mate beat mission 8
The Great Wall Brawl beat mission 11
The Blue Dragon beat mission 13
The Ship Of Fools beat mission 14
Tower Of Power beat mission 16
Best Defence beat mission 17
The Question Of Faith beat mission 19

Centurion Helm and flags

Complete all the tutorials with a gold medal to unlock the Centurion Helm and flags.


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