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 PS2 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses Cheats Y

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses Game Name: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses
Publisher: Konami
Rating: Everyone (Suitable for persons age 6 or older)
Easy and cheap win: [Submitted by:]
If you have change of heart and magician of faith in your deck and you start a duel and u get both of them in your hand dont play anything just end your turn then when its your turn again put down change of heart and control his monster if you are lucky you will be able to attack him head on to his deck leader then end your turn after he makes his move and its your turn again put down magician of faith and activate its effect (take back a magic card from your grave yard) and take back change of heart u will have to wait a turn right when its your turn again activate change of heart and take control of his monster and attack him if your lucky u will win right off the bat!NOTE:this does not always work but it is worth a try. 

All duelists
Complete both White and Red Rose to have all duelists unlocked.

Map Edit
Successfully finsh both the Red Rose and the White Rose stories to unlock Map Edit in the custom duel. This feature allows you to create your own duel field for custom duels.

Card Passwords:
To enter a password for a card, press R3 at the "Build Deck" screen, and enter an eight digit password.Sometimes you have to wiggle the joystick around to get it to work.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment EKJHQ109
Aqua Dragon JXCB6FU7
Beast King of the Swamp QXNTQPAX
Birdface N54T4TY5
Black Hole UMJ10MQB
Blast Sphere CZN5GD2X
Change of Heart SBYDQM8B
Crush Card SRA7L5YR
Dragonseeker 81EZCH8B
Earthshaker Y34PN1SV
Elf's Light E5G3NRAD
Fairy King Trusdale YF07QVEZ
Fairy's Gift NVE7A3EZ
Gravity Bind 0HNFG9WX
Greenkappa YBJMCD6Z
Harpy's Feather Duster 8HJHQPNP
Horn of the Unicorn S14FGKQ1
Magician of Faith GME1S3UM
Doppleganger(Mimicat) 69YDQM85
Mystical Capture Chains N1NDJMQ3
Barrel Dragon GTJXSBJ7
Robotic Knight S5S7NKNH
Royal Decree 8TETQHE1
Left Arm of the Forbidden One A5CF6HSH
Seiyaryu 2H4D85J7
Serpentine Princess UMQ3WZUZ
Swordsman From a Foreign Land CZ81UVGR
Swordstalker AH0PSHEB
Tatical Warrior 054TC727

Here are some Cards:

Legendary Fisherman:03643300
Launcher Spider:87322377
Wing Weaver:31447217
Sword Hunter:51345461
7 Completed:86198326
Enchanted Javelin:96355986
Reverse Trap:77622396
Musician King:56907389
Germ Infection:24668830
Chain Energy:79323590
The Reliable Guardian:16430187
Mad Sword Beast:79870141
Illusionist Facless Mage:28546905
Solemn Wishes: 35346968
Reaper of the Cards:33066139
Summoned Skull:70781052
Fake Trap:03027001
Tribute to the Doomed:79759861
Roaring Ocean Snake:19066538
Darkfire Solder#2:78861134
Paralize potion:50152549
Lava Battleguard:20394040
Burning Land:24294108
Castle of Dark Illusions:00062121
Light of Intervention:62867251
Thosand Eyes Ristrict=63519819
Thosand Eyes Idol=27125110
Relinquished Ritual=41426869

If you fuse Relinquished and Thousand Eyes Idol Together you can make thousand eyes ristrict.

EKJHQ109 - CARD # 655
CZN5GD2X - CARD # 506
N1NDJMQ3 - CARD # 372
81EZCH8B - CARD # 348
054TC727 - CARD # 152
N54T4TY5 - CARD # 291
CZ81UVGR - CARD # 191
S5S7NKNH - CARD # 510
JXCB6FU7 - CARD # 478
GME1S3UM - CARD # 043
69YDQM85 - CARD # 687
A5CF6HSH - CARD # 057
UMJ10MQB - CARD # 699
E5G3NRAD - CARD # 758
S14FGKQ1 - CARD # 765

NOTE: The Fusions presented here are only with the starter deck Tactical Warrior.

1. Grappler + Rock Ogre Grotto #1=Megazowler

2. Two Mouth Dark Ruler + Zanki=Sword Arm of Dragon

3. Axe Raider/Empress Judge+ Judgement Hand= Judge Man

4.B. Land Fire Dragon+Cyber Soldier of D. World= Metal Dragon

5.Two Headed King Rex+Cyber Soldier/Jinzo#7=Cybersaurus

6.Masked Clown+Zombie Warrior=Armored Zombie

7.Winged Dragon,G.of F.#1+Master& Expert= Garvas

8.Charubin the Fire Knight+Moon Envoy= Flame Swordsman

Get " Blackland Fire Dragon" and punished eagle:
message: In a deul[duh] combine Baby dragon with LaMoon[attack= 2000 defense= 1900].to get punished eagle mix niwatori and blue winged crown.

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