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Brookhaven Hospital Door Code:
To unlock the door leading to the "M" rooms enter the following:
Easy Setting: 4 - 6 - 3 - 9
Normal Setting: 8 - 6 - 3 - 4
Hard Setting: 4 - 8 - 9 - 6

Earn Possessed Ending:
To acquire this ending, you must kill over 100 enemies (displayed on the Results screen). You must also acquire 1000 points of damage, so let every monster in the game hit you once. Forgive the person in the confession box, as well. Since you'll spend much of the game being a vicious killer, the very fitting Possessed Ending ensues after the final battle. This cannot be acquired on the first playthrough, and is best tried at in Normal or Hard Mode, with the Unlimited Submachine Gun.

Earn Revenge/UFO Ending:
Acquire the Heather Beam. Then, in a replay game, use it on at least 30 monsters. In Harry's apartment, the ending will occur and the game will end right there.

Unlock Action Level Extreme:
Beat the game on Hard Mode to earn Action Level Extreme 1. The options go all the way to Extreme X, or 10. The game becomes insanely difficult as the Extreme levels rise.

Unlock Beam Saber:
Defeat more enemies using melee weapons than gun weapons the first time you play. This can be found in the corridor outside where you get the MY BESTSELLERS KEY.

Unlock Beginner Difficulty:
Dying twice on Normal unlocks Beginner Difficulty which can only be found on the Extra Option menu.

Unlock Extra Costumes (PAL):
NOTE: Silent Hill 3 has different costume codes, depending on the region; these codes are for region PAL, which includes the United Kingdom and Europe)

Finish the game to access the secret costume passcode screen. Enter the passcodes to unlock a new costume for Heather.
HappyBirthday (Heather Shirt)
I_Love_You (Onsen)
PutHere2FeelJoy (Block Head)
TOUCH_MY_HEART (Don't Touch)
GangsterGirl (God Of Thunder)
LightToFuture (The Light)
ShogyouMujou (Transience)
BlueRobbieWin (Killer Rabbit)
01_03_08_11_12 (Royal Flush)
cockadooodledoo (Golden Rooster)
PrincessHeart (Transform)
Shut_your_mouth (Zipper)

Unlock Extra Options:
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 on the options menu.

Unlock Flamethrower:
Defeat more enemies by shooting them rather than using melee weapons the first time you play. You can find this in the normal version of HELEN'S BAKERY in the mall, where you get the Tongs.

Unlock Heather Beam:
Defeat the game on Hard Mode. Then this weapon activates once no weapons are equipped.

Unlock Life Display Option:
Beat the game on Hard Mode. The Life Display appears in the Extra Options. It shows how much health Heather has left before dying, and does it more accurately than the normal display bar.

Unlock New Costumes (NTSC):
Finish the game to access the secret costume passcode screen. Enter the passcodes to unlock a new costume for Heather.
EGM Shirt: EGMpretaporter
GamePro Shirt: ProTip
GMR Shirt: GMRownzjoo
OPM Shirt: SH3_OPiuM
Play Shirt: sLmLLdGhSmKfBfH
PSM Shirt: badical Shirt: iaml33t
GN Shirt: IwannabeaGJ
OPS2 Shirt: extra_thumbs

Unlock New Weapons (PAL):

Unlock new weapons by playing through the game and then doing the following to affect your final score:

Flamethrower - Kill more enemies by shooting with ranged weapons than by fighting with melee weapons. You can unlock the flamethrower the sure fire way by clearing the game twice.

Light Saber - Kill more enemies by fighting with melee weapons than by shooting with ranged weapons.

Silver and Gold Pipe - Throw the normal (steel) pipe into the sewer and answer the next three questions as, "No", "No", "Yes".

Unlimited Submachinegun - Destroy the last boss in the game with a melee weapon. Easiest if you use a Gameshark device to set Heather's life to "never die".

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